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So, you’re stuck. For some reason, things just aren’t working out for you. 

Maybe it’s your job. Maybe it’s your personal life.

Maybe it’s neither of those two things, and maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it but some part of you knows that life isn’t supposed to feel this directionless.

If you feel a little attacked right now, that’s normal — and if it sounds like I’m hitting the nail on the head, it’s only because I was exactly like you. And I didn’t feel that way for a few hours, or a few days, or even a couple weeks here and there.

I was stuck in a rut for years. 

Financially, professionally, and personally. I used to dread getting up because I knew that my morning coffee would be the only purposeful part of my day. 
Standing there in my kitchen, leaning against the counter with the mug clasped between my hands, I’d watch the digital clock on my stove change from 8:01 to 8:02, and then 8:03. And as anybody who’s familiar with the concept of time will be able to tell you, it didn’t stop there.

Lunchtime would roll around, followed by dinner, a walk, maybe some television, and then I’d be ready for bed again. Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t spend the whole day in my kitchen, but I might as well have. I worked, I talked to family and friends, I kept up with the news. 

And I had no idea why on Earth these simple, everyday things left me feeling so utterly empty.

To make a long story short, I was just plain stuck, and it took me countless hours of research before I even had a vague idea of what was going on.

Please Check Any Of The Boxes

Where Your Answer Is YES!

You're a little intimidated because you're not sure where to start.
You've tried watching YouTube videos and maybe even purchased another course but you're not getting any results.
You want to learn real strategies that actually are proven to get results.
You're a little overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take in order to live life on your terms.

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You Join The 'LIFE DESIGNING SECRETS' Program Today, We Can Help You!


I know what you’re probably thinking: “Terrific, yet another guru ready to tell me about the magic of goal-setting.” Bear with me, though, because I couldn’t be less interested in spewing more marketing nonsense at you. Goodness knows I’ve been through enough of that myself.

The goal-setting I’m talking about is the kind that physically affects your brain chemistry — it’s hard science, and it WILL change your life if you let it.

Have you heard of the Reticular Activating System (RAS)? Chances are you haven’t, but you definitely already know what it is. Your RAS is at work when you learn a new word and start hearing it everywhere, or when you manage to hear your name over the hubbub of a crowded room. 

It’s the link between your conscious & your subconscious — you can think of it as the conscious mind “dipping into” your subconscious to extract information it knows is meaningful.

It’s also a key aspect of setting the kinds of goals that can change your life as they changed mine. Well, that’s not quite right; it wasn’t the goals themselves that made the shift for me, it was the process of setting them. But more on that in a moment.

All You Pay Is $47!


Hands Down The Most Value You'll Ever See For $47!!!

Here Is Everything You Get When You Order Life Designing Secrets Today!

Total Value: $1477

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See for yourself...

*Yes, of course, results will vary!

These Are Just A Small Handful Of Our Client Success Stories...

James Ling

"I can't thank Brandon enough! It started with a single phone call. The result? I tripled my income month over month. Since then, he's made himself available to me whenever I needed a pep talk or guidance on a specific issue. I don't know where I'd be today without Brandon!" 

Jonathan Garvey

"I've worked with Brandon for 3 months now & each meeting I always take more and more away. We have weekly calls for accountability and guidance and he has delivered.
Brandon does a great job at making you realize your own thoughts are what can really empower you and drive you to the desired success level you're looking to reach."

Elizabeth Hartman

"In the past 4 years, I've been hit with almost very curve ball life can throw at a woman. When I met Brandon, I didn't realize the impact he would have on my life in such a brief period of time. The amount of positive energy he brings is indescribable. The exercises we went through truly helped me put into perspective what I want and need out of life. Brandon may very well be a real life Jedi."

Parker Harris

"I have been working with Brandon for a year now. At this point in time I can't put into words how much he has done for me. To be brief, he has always gone above and beyond in truly caring about me and my goals to succeed in work and life! He has helped me overcome obstacles in my work and at home! In the time we have known each other we have become friends and I know that if I call Brandon I can rely on the fact that he's going to answer the phone to talk me through my discouragement or build my motivation to do more and "Be Better!" Brandon is truly a great leader, an amazing friend, and a true professional!"

James Rich

"I started my self development journey with Brandon. That was over 3 years ago. In that time I have yet to personally know anyone who is more committed to consistently improving himself in order to help others! Brandon in every sense of the word is a true professional and you will have a heck of a time finding someone more dedicated and more passionate in personal and professional growth than Brandon "Be Better" Eastman!"

Killian Anstee

"Brandon projects himself with an unparalleled level of professionalism and energy. My personal level of self improvement has immensely increased after my time with Brandon. I absolutely recommend him for anyone who wants to improve their life."



Without Fancy Affirmations Or Vision Boards...

Module #1: The Science Of Setting Effective Goals

  • What’s happening in your brain when you set goals, based on hard science and real academic studies
  • ​Why not setting goals has been making your life miserable

Module #2: The SEEDs Of Excellence

  • The only way to set goals I’ve found that ACTUALLY works
  • ​The four main areas you need to set goals in if you want to design your dream life: Self Growth, Economics, Experiences, and Donations (planting the SEEDs of Excellence)
  • ​How to set compelling, realistic goals in those main areas that are so motivational you won’t want to wait for tomorrow morning to roll around

Module #3: Watering The SEEDs

  • Step-by-step actionable tips on how to follow through on your goals (watering the SEEDs of Excellence)


No, I'm Not Crazy, I Just Always Like To Overdeliver...

BONUS #1: Be Extraordinary Audiobook

You’ve already got the eBook, but if you want to level up on your commute to work, this is the only way to do it.

BONUS #2: Life Designing Workbook

A workbook designed to be used with the Life Designing Secrets course. Not only will this supplement the theoretical work being done in the course itself, it’ll also give you a handy place to record your goals and your progress towards them. Get started today, and then in three months’ time you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

BONUS #3: Elite Video Success Trainings

Yes, really. If you buy the course now you’ll get access to a series of highly focused video training modules that will coach you through the process of designing your ideal life, step by step. Focusing specifically on overcoming obstacles, it’s the perfect way to supplement the course, and combined with The Power List it’ll kick your motivation, energy, and overall effectiveness into overdrive.

BONUS #4: Exclusive Facebook™ Community

If you're going to succeed in life, you can't try to do it alone. You need to surround yourself with like-minded people that are going through the same things that you are. That's what our private community is all about. In addition to learning from each other, I'll be in the group sharing exclusive content just for Life Designing Secrets Members.

As You Can See, Everything You're Going To Need To Set Goals That ACTUALLY Work!

At some point you've got to start taking actions that are going to get you some results. That's why I created this course, to ensure you could take the skills you learn, implement and start winning, finally!


I Teach Methods That Work, Period!

If you follow me online you know that I'm obsessed with helping people unlock their inner potential, create compelling goals, and make progress FASTER towards their better life.  What you may not know is I have trained thousands of salespeople as a Success Coach for an 8-figure sales company for many years. Here, I perfected my process to help people create goals, and ACTUALLY achieve them!
I then took those skills and have applied them to helping people earn more money, lose weight, destroy disempowering beliefs, and overall feel GOOD about their life.
  • Thousands Of Clients All Over The World
  • Proven Systems That Get Results
  • I Practice What I Preach!

Frequently Asked Questions...

 Q: Will this work in my country?

Yes, this program can be used in any country

 Q: Is this a monthly subscription?

No, this is a one time payment for lifetime access.

 Q: What is different about your coaching versus another option?

It is no secret that everybody and their brother is a 'life coach' nowadays. Even large corporations like Planet Fitness will pair you up with a fitness coach who is heavily overweight themselves. It is important to know who to listen to!

I have overcome many challenges in my life; from my health, finances, business, relationships, and spirituality. While the specific strategies are constantly changing and evolving, I've become very effective at the process of creating change and making progress, and inspiring that change in my clients. Learn from someone who has done what you want, and who can guide you along your own personalized path. 

 Q: I've tried other programs and haven't gotten results. How do I know this will work?

I'm teaching you the same methods and strategies that I personally use in my personal & professional life. If I can achieve extraordinary results in a short period of time, then you can as well, right?

Also, there's a money back guarantee. If you complete the course and don't like what you see, you can get your money back.

 Q: What if I don't have PayPal?

PayPal also accepts cards! You can click the button and complete your purchase without making an account.

 Q: What if this doesn't work for me?

If you make no progress in 30 days or less, email to and our wonderful support team will send all your money back and let you keep the program. Joining today is risk free!

 Q: I don't even know what help I need, or what I want.

That's ok, this course will help anyone start from scratch.

 Q: Can I speak with you 1-1?

Absolutely. I am in the Exclusive Facebook group each day, and comb through any questions you may have that I answer directly.

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